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Tantickles is a gifting store for your loved ones and watching their faces light up with joy is another level of happiness. Thoughtful gifts create lasting memories and possess the ability to nurture and strengthen your everlasting bond. Selectively chosen and packed to perfection, each gift is a treasure to behold.

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What Have You Decided for Father’s Day?

Father’s Day is coming up!! If you have the coolest, loveliest, sweetest, best dad in the whole world, this is the perfect day on which to surprise him.

There are so many options to think of, from great gifts to a beautiful homemade work of art, or perhaps even a combination of the two. If you haven’t found a gift yet, we’re here to help. We have a few simple tips for you to make Father’s Day extra fun.


For dads who always lose their keys

If your dad is forever losing his keys, a personalised key ring is the solution. Select a few photos of you and your dad (or even the whole family) and create an original key ring in no time at all. Now just make sure to remember where you’ve hidden the gift!


For dads who work from home

If your dad works from home a lot and you want to give him a practical gift, how about featuring a cool photo or a magic mug? Every time he clicks his mouse or has a cuppa, he’ll be reminded of how much you care, making a boring work day a little brighter. If he has some wall space left to fill, you could go for a cool poster featuring photos, drawings or a motivational quote!

For dads who always ask for socks

New addition to our assortment, a cool gift for dads who always ask for socks : personalised socks! You can personalise them by adding the photo of your choice, or cool illustrations. Who wouldn’t be happy with a pair of fun socks on their feet? 

For dads who love spending time at home

If your dad loves watching movies, series or other fun programmes and taking a sneaky nap on the settee sometimes, surprise him with a lovely cushion featuring a photo of the whole family. His very own personal cushion, just for him. He could even take it to work and use it for a little back support.

For dads who enjoy tasty treats

If your dad has a real sweet tooth and is known for gobbling up all of the treats, give him his very own chocolate stash! There are plenty of chocolate gifts to choose from, all featuring a sweet text and/or photo. Combine with a personalised puzzle for him to do while enjoying the chocolate. If your dad prefers a nice drink, check out our delicious beer, wine or spirit gifts.

Coolest dad ever. Certified!

If you consider your dad the absolute best dad in the whole wide world, make it official with a personalised certificate. The perfect touch for his office or man cave.

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