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Tantickles is a gifting store for your loved ones and watching their faces light up with joy is another level of happiness. Thoughtful gifts create lasting memories and possess the ability to nurture and strengthen your everlasting bond. Selectively chosen and packed to perfection, each gift is a treasure to behold.

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Mother’s Day from a Distance

Being a mother is such a special experience, but can be challenging at times, which is why it’s so important to show your mother appreciation when you can.

We’re not always able to spend Mother’s Day with our mum, for geographical reasons for instance, but it’s still important to make this day as special as possible for her!

You could have a gift delivered to her address, for example, giving her something to unwrap on this special day.


  1. Create a personalised photo album: A photo album is a fantastic gift. Full of memories, it offers hours of fun and is truly a gift your mum will love. Personalising your own photo album is easy! Simply add your favourite photos, whether they’re photos from your childhood, family reunions, the holidays or other special moments spent together. Add our fun Mother’s Day designs and the texts of your choice to complete your photo album.

  2. Create a personalised mug: Keeping loved ones close is always lovely, and creating her very own personalised mug, featuring a great photo or photos, is the perfect way to remind her how special she is with every cup of tea or coffee she enjoys.

  3. Personalised chocolate: Who doesn’t enjoy delicious chocolate? You can’t go wrong with chocolate, especially if you make it extra original! Personalise your chocolate gift with the photo, name and/or text of your choice.

Mother knows you best. She’s watched you grow up. It can be a challenging role sometimes, so she definitely deserves to be pampered on Mother’s Day. Treat her to some sweet words, written just for her.


Add a message to a personalised card, along with a sweet photo of the two of you, for example. We offer greeting cards in various types and sizes, so you will always find what you’re looking for and the one that best matches your message. You could even go for a personalised chocolate card!

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